10 Reasons to miss Delphine Cormier during Orphan Black’s season 4 premiere


Holy watershed — tonight the sestras are back! Clone Club has patiently waited for the Canadian sci-fi series Orphan Black to return to television for it’s fourth season. The next tumble down the rabbit hole will be about getting back to basics — we’re told this season will be about Sarah Manning (Tatiana Maslany) focusing on what Beth (Tatiana Maslany) started before the show even premiered.

But this article isn’t about any of that. While we’re thrilled to hang out with the Leda sestras again — a part of our heart has been captured by the French head honcho of the DYAD institute with the best hair on television, Dr. Delphine Cormier (Evelyne Brochu). Brochu brought her magic to the screen and offered the perfect formula of brilliant and babely.

Since season three’s finale, fans have been anxiously waiting to discover the fate of Delphine Cormier. The bullet through her stomach seemed to ricochet off that parked car and into all of our own hearts. So add pressure to that wound as we redirect our energy and focus on 10 Reasons to miss Delphine Cormier on Orphan Black’s season 4 premiere!

Let’s get our Delphine Cormier appreciation on!