10 Reasons to miss Delphine Cormier during Orphan Black’s season 4 premiere

We will miss her brilliance
Delphine Helsinki

The clever Francophone was always one step ahead of everyone else on the show — including the sestras. Delphine straight up had to play into their games and trick them in order to protect them. She connected the dots for Cosima and Scott — understanding the science of the Castor brains with a quick glance of the screen. She facilitated the deals made between Topside, Sarah and the ‘original’ (Kendall Malone). She was a key player in every season.
Delphine season 3 episode 1

Never forget that Delphine saved all the sestras with the plan she devised to stop Helsinki from happening. She tried to save them again when Rachel was secretly working with Dr. Nealon. Without Delphine, it’s hard to say whether or not Clone Club would even be a thing for a season four.

Image credit: Tumblr/rootcode/danasoupchef