10 Reasons you need to be watching The 100 (and why it’s good for everyone)

The 100 Season 3 promo
The 100
is proof network television hasn’t quite lost its touch. The post-apocalyptic episodic drama is on its third season and continues to attract new audiences because it’s actually a show that can satisfy everyone.

The CW series (which is pronounced The Hundred) that starts off feeling a little too Lord of the Flies quickly outgrows its overly young adult drama tones and transforms into a sci-fi adventure thriller that has broken out to be a show devoted to reflecting society through fascinating scopes of humanity and politics. The first season ends strong proving to be possibly the most underrated show in television today.

With a strong female queer lead and good representation — The 100, though originally marketed towards teens — is a well produced show backed with excellent writing and complicated characters that will entertain open audiences of all ages. The series is plot-driven and rich with storylines that follow through with clever offerings to the curious viewer. A smart show that hasn’t earned as many awards as it probably should (though it’s taken home a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Special and Visual Effects, a Saturn Award for Best Youth-Oriented Series and a number of nominations).

The 100 could easily be considered a feminist show that speaks about colonialism, xenophobia and more. But let’s get to the point — here are 10 reasons you need to be watching The 100 right now (and why it’s good for everyone)!