10 songs to play while reading angsty femslash fanfics

AngstyFemmeSlashFanficsSometimes the perfect soundtrack paired with a sweet new chapter update from your favourite fic writer can be the formula for an ideal evening for the devoted shipper.

There are times fandom folks must come together to take fictional characters into their own hands and re-craft their romantic fates online. Especially when it comes to femme slash pairings — as 2016 alone has proven that writing professionals trusted with representation can sometimes drop the ball — while other shows can redeem storylines through fantastic plot twists. Whether you’re all about Cophine, SwanQueen, Shoot, Hollstein, Bechloe, Vauseman or Clexa — there’s always fanfiction to turn to for all the times in between.

But 10 songs to play while reading angsty femslash fanfics isn’t about heavy topics of questionable queer representation happening on screen — it’s a light little piece to help heighten the feels in your little shipper heart. If you’re a reader who gravitates towards the angsty fic (canon, AU, one-shot, multi-fic or otherwise) — these are songs that you can enjoy in the background while devouring delicious stories featuring your OTPs.

So let’s do this!

Of Monsters and Men’s Organs is a song that will give you all the feels for fics with storylines focused on figuring out feelings.

Bryan Ferry’s Slave To Love is both a number for a fic soundtrack and throwback to the sweet sounds of the 80’s.