2016’s most anticipated albums: Margaret Cho releasing first album in 6 years

feat-new-albums-2016One of the most defining traits of any given year is the music. A song can take you back in time and let you relive precious memories. For instance, when I hear Timbaland’s ‘The Way I Are’ or T Pain’s ‘Buy U A Drank’ it takes me back to my clubbing days in 2007 when I was freshly 19.  Prized memories, from what I can remember.

Last year was full of hits too – ‘Hello,’ ‘Uptown Funk,’ and ‘Hotline Bling’ will forever bring you back to 2015. This year we’re in for some treats from major artists like Rihanna, Kanye West, and Elton John.

So let’s look at which albums you’ll be listening to in between binge watching all the great new shows due out in 2016.