7 Fictional lesbians who broke hearts (of their lady lovers and ours)

Delphine Cormier
Sometimes, even before we come out, we sniff out every form of lesbian pop culture out there to help us understand our feelings. We crave relatable stories that reflect our own. Of course, access to these gems proves to be a bit challenging — and just a couple decades ago, they were far in the peripheral of popular culture. We’d have to hunt down films that featured canon queer storylines in movies like Kissing Jessica Stein or watch for eye sex subtext in mainstream television shows like Xena. While film and television production companies are finally understanding the demand — for a long time, we were limited when it came to lady loving content.

But a common theme in many queer movies and shows is tragedy. Whether these tragedies were presented as a climax to a plot line or the ending to a story — it’s left audiences with a temporary gaping hole in our chests. So bust out those tissues because we’re going to indulge in some nostalgia as we talk about 7 Fictional lesbians who broke hearts (of their lady lovers and ours).

Shall we?