7 Lesbian films that actually gave us happily ever afters


The sad reality of Sapphic love stories ending in tragedy is a thing we’re used to. This, of course, is not an accurate reflection of real life anymore — and it’s something we’re growing tired of seeing.

While we prepare ourselves for the fate of Delphine Cormier in Orphan Black’s season four and continue to mourn our heda from The 100 — we decided to take a moment and highlight a few lesbian films that actually gave us happy endings. From lighter romantic comedies to neo-noir crime thrillers — let’s turn our attention to some lesbians who made it out of the end credits, y’know, alive.

Though network television has been failing the LGBTQ+ community when it comes to representation — we opted to shake off the sad for a bit and re-watch some sweet lady loving onscreen goodness to fill up our beating gay hearts. Let’s be honest, we’re in dire need of something delightful and queer to watch — that doesn’t end in tragedy.

Never forget these movies exist — let’s talk about 7 Lesbian films that actually gave us happily ever afters!