7 Movies to get excited about (re)watching this Halloween

7 halloween movie recs

Channeling our spooky, kooky spirits has never felt so right. As Halloween approaches this weekend, getting festive with films while carving pumpkins and stitching costumes is an optimal way to spend our last few days in October.

Whether you’re indulging in nostalgia and re-watching these gems or viewing them for the first time — we’ve put together a sweet list of movies that will thrill you, chill you and fulfill you.

From classics such as Beetlejuice to adorable witchy rom coms such as Practical Magic — these sweet pieces of popular culture will bring the magic to this season.

We’ve avoided putting actual horror films that will ruin your sleep for weeks and psychologically damage you — the features selected are fun for the whole family.

It’s showtime — let’s take a look at 7 Movies to get excited about (re)watching this Halloween!