was born when we realized just how flawed mainstream pop culture is while understanding just how significant of a role it plays in all of our lives.

While the Entertainment section of our publication brings you the latest in film and television, shares what’s trending, celebrates fan culture and talks about people folks are familiar with — we aim to deliver it with a feminist twist. Ultimately, we’re offering fun content as we call out bullshit on overly heteronormative, ageist, sexist spins on stories with subtle (but necessary) feminist values.

We understand the importance of representation and will focus on having what we see on screen reflect what we experience in our real lives — promoting diversity and inclusion, from the queer to the racialized.

As many people look to popular culture as a primary frame of reference, we’re providing stories told to widen a perspective. In addition to news, features, quizzes and polls, will offer original videos. Through commentary and discussion, we’ll be watch-dogging the media watch dogs.

Chloe Tse & Leia Smoudianis