Addicted to Fresno is a breath of fresh air in this fall’s lineup of Hollywood movies. The female-led cast and female director/writer duo have created something that doesn’t fit the Hollywood norm but is getting mainstream attention because of the superb cast.

The film stars Orange is the New Black’s Natasha Lyonne as Martha and Arrested Development’s Judy Greer as Shannon. The sisters are dramatically different but co-dependent.  Martha, a super positive lesbian, gets her sister, Shannon, a recovering sex addict, a job as a hotel maid at her work. Hilarity ensues, especially when Shannon accidentally kills a hotel guest during a relapse. Martha, being the overly optimistic person she is, thinks she can help her sister hide the body.

Directed by Jamie Babbit (the genius behind 1999’s cult hit But I’m A Cheerleader) and written by her wife, screenwriter Karey Dornetto (a former staff writer at South Park), the film is cracking Hollywood’s glass ceiling by using a female-led cast in a story that doesn’t rely on a romantic premise or male-driven scenario.

“Well I was just happy that there was no lip-syncing to a brush handle in our movie, because a lot of the times when you have a ‘lady movie’ there’s always some ridiculous scene where all the girls are lip-syncing a Beyoncé song and that doesn’t fucking happen,” Greer told Indiewire.

Addicted to Fresno also stars Parks and Recreation’s Aubrey Plaza, SNL’s Molly Shannon, Fargo’s Allison Tolman, and American Horror Story’s Clea DuVall, but no, there weren’t any ‘catfights.’

“Natasha has been talking about the lack of competition. When I first stated in the business a few years ago I thought, ‘I’m going to move to L.A. I’m going be an actress. I’m going to be in the waiting room and all the other girls will be terrible.’ And I never ever felt that. I love actresses, I love working with them…I have had the greatest experiences,” Greer continues.

“Yeah, there’s not this imagined competitiveness. It’s fading out of the picture. It’s exciting that everybody’s different; it’s exciting that you get to work with other women. It feels really satisfying. It’s just insane that we all get to be in a movie together with Molly Shannon. There are just so many real, single one-of-a-kind birds in this movie, which is very indicative that there’s enough to go around,” Lyonne added.

Addicted to Fresno hits movie theaters on October 2.