The world of digital entertainment just got more exciting with ABC Spark Canada’s fun new web series All For One.

Since its debut on March 7, the fresh new series has brought audiences sweet LGBTQ+ representation, strong female leads, the ups and downs of college life and more. Following Dorothy Castlemore (Gwenlyn Cumyn) as she live casts her experiences — from attempts to make it in the sorority of her dreams to standard roommate drama — the show is based on the adventures of The Three Musketeers. got the chance to sit down and chat with All For One’s stars Gwenlyn Cumyn and Linnea Currie-Roberts — aka the popular ship Dornie. The actresses discuss their characters, bi-representation and what it means, the struggles of being a feminist in the entertainment industry and even share their feelings on their own romantic pairing!

Catering to Generation Z viewers and folks into the new age of digital sitcoms, All For One, produced by Cherrydale Productions, provides a light show with an energetic cast that will make you laugh and sigh. New viewers can find the series on YouTube channel KindaTV — formerly known as VerveGirl — and the same channel that brought us popular digital shows Carmilla and MsLabelled.

All For One airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 5:30PM(ET) on YouTube channel KindaTV and ABC Spark Canada.


Photography & Videography by: Nancy Kim (nsbkim)