Fans of FX’s American Horror Story are generating a buzz on the Internet after new season 6 trailers left goosebumps on their skin.

New 15-second teaser trailers were released on Friday — and it seems the sixth season of Ryan Murphy’s anthology horror television show will be returning to its terrifying roots of actually scary.Angela Bassett Lady Gaga kissing

Murphy has made an effort to keep details of the new season under wraps — mentioning their deliberate tight lips about what’s to come at the Television Critic’s Association press tour.

The creepy is real and fans are ready what AHS season six will bring to their screens. Of course, we’re still looking forward to the fact that this new season will be the first one to include a female director.

As we mentioned in spring, Angela Bassett is set to be making a female directorial debut on the show — for at least an episode. Last season, she and Lady Gaga made headlines for their sweet lady loving (they even made our list for 5 Sexiest lady loving kisses on TV right now)!

Show creator Murphy, who is also the mastermind behind shows such as Glee and Scream Queens, has always made an effort when it comes to representation for people of colour and LGBTQ folks. Though he is often criticized and there’s always room for improvement, his work towards better representation can still be acknowledged.

Never forget, Murphy is still on his mission of tackling Hollywood’s diversity problem — and it’s clear he’s trying to do his part.

So, get excited for season six! And more importantly, get excited for more females directors in the industry! Here’s a teaser to get you into it:

Image credit: YouTube/FX