While Academy Award nominated actress Angela Bassett is generating buzz for her sexy scenes with Lady Gaga on FX’s American Horror Story — attention should be drawn to the fact that her return next season happens behind the scenes as well. Bassett will take her place in television history as American Horror Story‘s first female director for at least one episode.

Bassett has confirmed her return for the sixth season of AHS onscreen but the actress also announced on The Chew that she’ll be stepping behind the camera to make magic happen from the director’s chair.

“[I’ll direct] at least one [episode],” Bassett said. “We usually have male directors but [i’ll] be the first female director.”

This isn’t the first time the actress has flexed her directing muscles — Bassett directed both an episode of TV’s Breakthrough and the lifetime TV movie about Whitney Houston called Whitney.

Sounds right up her ally, eh? After all, Bassett did earn her Oscar nomination when she played Tina Turner in the 1993 bio pic What’s Love Got to Do with It co-starring Laurence Fishbourne as the unlikeable Ike Turner.

So this is something to get excited about. A talented actress of colour both onscreen and directing AHS in season six. This is also consistent the show’s creator Ryan Murphy’s mission to tackle Hollywood’s Diversity problem.

“Half, a foundation within his 20th Century Fox TV-based production company, aims to have 50 percent of all director slots on his shows filled by women, people of colour and members of the LGBT community and will begin outreach efforts at colleges to align candidates with mentors,” reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Murphy, responsible for creating hit shows such as Glee, Scream Queens, American Horror Story and more, is doing his part for representation and diversity.

“I personally can do better,” he said.

Here’s Bassett talking about her sexy scene with Gaga, for those who haven’t seen it yet.

Image credit: YouTube