Trump surrogate and controversial political commentator Ann Coulter enraged the Internet with a series of tweets last week when she body shamed protesters who took to the streets unsatisfied with the 2016 presidential election results.

Coulter, often misinformed and notorious for making painfully inaccurate statements took to her Twitter account to comment on social justice warriors.

While it’s hurtful to read live bullying tweets from this proud republican, it’s also important to remember that Coulter is ridiculous and nobody actually takes her seriously.

The body shaming tweets shouldn’t be shocking — Coulter is more or less a homophobic out racist who says hateful things on the regular.

We’d like to remind everyone of Comedy Central’s Rob Lowe roast that was taped back in August earlier this year and aired in September — the one that had Coulter, a roaster, being the recipient of the night’s biggest burns.

jewel 1 jewel 2
…wait for it:
jewel 3 jewel 4

Folk singer Jewel got her funny on hard that night. So while America recovers from their presidential election and Coulter manages to get even more people to dislike her, we just wanted to leave you with some of the best jabs against her from the Rob Lowe roast.

Moral of this story: body shaming is horrible, people who do it suck and no one likes Coulter.

Image credit: Instagram, Tumblr/maddoxbrooks