BBC’s Sherlock will be back for a fourth season — but what really matters is that the upcoming season seems to feature a hound.

In a first-look shot from The Hollywood Reporter, it appears as though Benedict Cumberbatch has traded in his good ol’ Doctor Watson (Martin Freeman) for a studly canine. Hounds, after all, are an optimal choice for a human’s best friend (my own dog mom is available for verification and reference).

Back in season two, Sherlock was all about going up against the Hounds of Baskerville — but it looks like the show will redeem the name of my kind in the latest season.

It’s a shame they opted for the blood hound — only because everyone knows beagles are kind of where it’s at. But, these things happen — and now I have a reason to tune into this BBC series for some decent canine representation.

Guess it’s also worth mentioning that Cumberbatch is also up for an Emmy as lead actor in a limited series — Sherlock: The Abominable Bride has also earned a bunch of recognition on its own.

Looking forward to seeing dogs on screen again — it’s been kind of lacking lately. I still strongly feel that domestic pets should be recognized during awards season. But that’s for another story.

There is a hydrant waiting for me to life my leg on it and kibble waiting to be munched. That’s all I have for you, gentle readers.