When Formation was released a bunch of crusty white people were mad that a famous and respected black person had the gall to call out police brutality. Then she performed the anthem at the Superbowl and said white people called for a Beyoncé boycott. Finally Queen B has opened up about the reaction the song has gotten.

“I think the most powerful art is usually misunderstood. But anyone who perceives my message as anti-police is completely mistaken,” she told Elle magazine.

“I have so much admiration and respect for officers and the families of officers who sacrifice themselves to keep us safe. But let’s be clear: I am against police brutality and injustice. Those are two separate things. If celebrating my roots and culture during Black History Month made anyone uncomfortable, those feelings were there long before a video and long before me. I’m proud of what we created and I’m proud to be part of a conversation that is pushing things forward in a positive way.”

Of course Beyoncé didn’t just do the interview for the sake of defending Formation. The business woman also promoted her new line of clothing with Top Shop.

beyonce formation racism feminism police brutality ivy park 2“I was so specific about the things I feel I need in a garment as a curvy woman, and just as a woman in general, so you feel safe and covered but also sexy. Everything lifts and sucks in your waist and enhances the female form,” she says about Ivy Park.

Finally she addresses feminism, saying that her Destiny’s Child days were all about attaining equality in the music world.

“Working to make those inequalities go away is being a feminist, but more importantly, it makes me a humanist. I don’t like or embrace any label. I don’t want calling myself a feminist to make it feel like that’s my one priority, over racism or sexism or anything else. I’m just exhausted by labels and tired of being boxed in. If you believe in equal rights, the same way society allows a man to express his darkness, to express his pain, to express his sexuality, to express his opinion—I feel that women have the same rights.”

Image credit: Elle