“But we’re less racist and sexist than last year,” is what CBS execs basically said when they defended their 2016 lineup that is made up almost entirely of white men. The worst part is these new shows don’t even sound good.

First there’s Kevin James’ new show Kevin Can Wait about a retired dad. Then there’s Matt LeBlanc’s show Man
With a Plan 
about a stay-at-home dad, and finally Joel McHale’s new show The Great Indoors about a reporter
who becomes the boss to a group of millennials. There’s a bunch of other male-lead shows including a MacGyver reboot but CBS doesn’t see anything wrong with that.

“Our new series are more diverse this year than last year,” says entertainment head Glenn Geller. “Doubt, I’m happy to say, is the first broadcast series to feature a transgender series regular. I think that’s phenomenal.”

CBS’ sales chief Jo Ann RossHe’s talking about the 2017 show that stars Katherine Heigl and Laverne Cox and doesn’t even have a trailer yet.

“We are the network that has Madam Secretary and Two Broke Girls and Mom. We have lots of female leads, we have a great balance. We’re moving in the right direction.”

Except all-white female casts aren’t exactly “the right direction.” To add insult to injury, at the Upfront presentation at Carnegie Hall the network displayed it’s complete ignorance. Vulture’s E. Alex Jung reports that CBS’ sales chief Jo Ann Ross opened the Upfronts by yelling “What’s up bitches?” at the crowd while wearing a fur coat, matching hat, and
bedazzled cane. This was followed by a spoof of Hamilton starring James Corden.

hamilton james corden cbs upfronts“It was the only time you actually saw people of color speak during the rest of the presentation. In the trailers for the new pilots, they would largely exist as secondary characters at best or corpses at worst. Corden’s appearance ironically underscored a larger point that Hamilton itself so valiantly attempts to upend: That white men should be at the center of things.”


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