Queen Céline can do no wrong. The legendary singer was on The Tonight Show when she and host Jimmy Fallon played Wheel of Musical Impressions. Like Demi Lovato and Christina Aguilera, she nailed her impressions of Michael Jackson, Sia, Cher and Rihanna.

We’re happy to see Céline is doing well after the recent passing of her husband René Angélil. She’s returned to the stage in Las Vegas and has hired a stylist to give her a new look. Fans have noticed her bold new style and apparently we have Zendaya to thank. After liking Zendaya’s fashion choices, Céline Googled her stylist and hired Law Roach to create a new look for herself.

“She sought me out, which is really humbling,” he told People. “I mean, Céline is an icon.”

Zendaya is equally flattered.

“I think it was a big moment for Law and I. First of all, just to know that she knows my name is crazy. Also, she slays my life. We both were freaking out and we were both just like, ‘This is nuts.’ She is goals. So for her to recognize me from fashion because of what he did and what we’ve done together, it was a very surreal awesome moment for both of us,” says the 19-year-old who has released a shoe line with Law called Daya by Zendaya.

Okay, now we need a Céline-Zendaya duet!