Yacht rock duo Daryl Hall and John Oates earned their Hollywood Walk of Fame star in front of the Musicians Institute on Sept. 2.

Hall & Oates is the 2,587th star on the famous walk and falls under the category of Recording. With a musical career that stretches more than 40 years, 18 studio albums and songs that have made many hearts happy — it’s clear the successful duo deserves the acknowledgment and really do make our dreams come true.

Known for hits that have appeared on many soundtracks, from The Wedding Singer to 500 Days of Summer — Hall & Oates have been making rock and soul magic for more than four decades. With six number one hit singles, this duo brought us classics like She’s Gone, Rich Girl, Maneater, Sara Smile and more.

The newer generation may recognize some of Hall & Oate’s songs from the time they were featured on Glee during its third season.

And, in case you’re wondering, both of them were also apart of the historic ‘We Are The World’ recording that happened back in 1985 — the charity song that aimed to raise funds for Africa.

It’s been a big week for dad rock lovers everywhere — the nostalgia has been too real. Yesterday was Bee Gees singer/songwriter Barry Gibb’s 70th birthday and the day before it was Brown Eyed Girls singer Van Morrison’s.

Never forget these gems brought us musical gold throughout our lives (whose parents didn’t have these musicians playing at some point during their childhoods?)

But we’re excited that Hall & Oates, Gibb and Morrison are making headlines again. These musical legends will not be forgotten — after all, we can’t go for that.

Curious about the Hall & Oates Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony? Check out this sweet video here: