Did you hear that? It was the sound of Cophine fans everywhere rising from the ashes during the last few seconds of Orphan Black‘s latest episode last night. The moment French music began to play, Delphine Cormier fans knew — deep down in their fangirl hearts — that the French doctor was alive.

Of course, Internet savvy Clone Clubbers had an inkling that Evelyne Brochu, the actress behind the fan favourite brilliant scientist with the flawless hair — might make a return. And she did. With a hairstyle that seems to be a cross between the second and third seasons — not quite kinky-curly, not quite I’ll-bleed-you-out straight — but a sweet combination of the two.

Evelyne Brochu Orphan Black Season 4

After all, following the show’s official Twitter promoting the last episode before the finale, Brochu took to social media and posted a vague and cryptic tweet. This tipped off hardcore Brochu/Delphine fans and hinted at a possible appearance:

With the mystery surrounding her character’s shooting in last season’s finale stretching through the fourth season, the plot lines were coming together in true Orphan Black fashion to deliver a gripping story.

After all the fan backlash television has seen this year for the overuse of the ‘bury your gays’ trope and the rise of the #LGBTFansDeserveBetter online movement — it seems Orphan Black has avoided falling into this dark trend. Though it’s common knowledge that Brochu has been busy working and promoting her CBC show X CompanyOrphan Black was still able to make magic happen with the actress’ schedule and have her appear in this season. This fictional queer character is alive and well, as the latest episode suggests.

Audiences also enjoyed the return of wild card clone Helena (Tatiana Maslany), the unlikely duo of Rachel Duncan (Tatiana Maslany) and Sarah Manning (Tatiana Maslany) working together to take down this season’s big bad and more.

It was a big night for the Canadian sci-fi show and a perfect segue to the very promising season finale. After all, the fourth season has brought us new clones, usual suspect clones, fresh characters, dug deeper with characters we thought we knew — and clever twists (and twists on those twists).

Of course, there are many questions left to answer in the finale. What will happen with Bright Born and Neolution? How will project Leda fit into all of it? Is there still hope for a cure? What are Kira’s implied abilities exactly? Is Art safe working in the clearly corrupt justice system? Where is Krystal’s place in all of this? Will Cophine be reunited?

Here’s the preview for next week’s finale titled ‘From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths’. Get excited, Clone Club!

Image credit: Orphan Black