Are you a Game of Thrones fanatic? Have you seen every single episode at least once? Read the books and every fan theory you could find? Then this quiz is for you my thronies. With season six in full swing, this quiz has spoilers for anyone who isn’t caught up to episode eight.

Let’s begin!

Below 30% — Who cares about dragons anyways? It’s not like they’re real.
30%-40% — You’re a passive viewer. We’re not all weird obsessed fans and that’s okay.
40%-50% — You’re a junior GoT fan. You get the general gist, but hey this is an excuse to re-watch the series.
50%-60% — You must be an HBO subscriber. You passed! You haven’t missed an episode and you read episode reviews on
60%-70% — Is your last name Targaryen? This is a great score. You’d do well at a GoT trivia night.
70%-85% — You’re basically Cersei and Jamie’s third twin. Not in an incest way, but you know everything that’s going on in King’s Landing.
85%-100% — You should fly in on your dragon and take over the Seven Kingdoms. Unlike Jon Snow, you know all and could rule the seven kingdoms.