From doing yoga with her offspring to starring in an upcoming Netflix original comedy series Santa Clarita Diet, Drew Barrymore has been generating a buzz again lately.

Most recently, she’s making headlines for her latest gig — Barrymore is set to Ellen Degeneresnarrate NBC’s new dating show produced by none other than Ellen DeGeneres, according to The Hollywood Reporter. A reality series, First Dates is pretty much exactly as it sounds — a variety of first dates throughout a night in a Chicago restaurant. The 50 First Dates actress will be the voice behind the narration of these sweet awkward scenes created by the folks doing the first date thing. The show will be tied together by ceremoniously ending the episodes with Barrymore letting audiences know whether or not a second date ever happened.

Funnily enough, Barrymore has also been gaining media attention for her own romantic situations. The former child actress told Good Housekeeping recently in a Q&A about how she confides in her best friend when her relationships go awry. “I’d go to her about relationship advice and I’d be like, ‘I just don’t understand why this keeps happening!…I mean, this is exactly what happened last time. It’s just like every single time,” the rom com star said.

Oh, the irony. The narrator behind the upcoming First Dates proceeded to mention that she’s acknowledged that the common denominator problem in all of her relationships is, well, her. At least her career is still thriving.

NBC hasn’t released a date yet — but we’ll let you know when you can catch the new series based off a UK version with pretty much the same concept.

In case you were wondering about DeGeneres’ production company, it’s called A Very Good Production (so Ellen) and has produced for networks such as HGTV, Warner Bros and NBC.

It might be a guilty pleasure worth tuning into.

Image credit: Instagram/Tumblr/ellendegeneres