With the season premiere of Counting On fast approaching, we had to check in with the Duggars to see what they have in store for viewers. Turns out there’s already some drama developing around Duggardashian sisters Jinger, Jessa, and Jill.

jinger jeremy vuoloJinger, as we know, is courting Jeremy Vuolo, a soccer player who is willing to put up with her family’s customs for 15 minutes of fame. In fact, it seems like this relationship might save the show. After losing advertisers it was unclear how the family would continue working in television, but with a new romantic storyline filming in Texas it might survive for a couple more seasons which is great for the Duggars who have come to rely on their TLC income.

While Jinger has been side-hugging Jeremy, Jessa and Jill have been trying to get pregnant, according to the rumours. It would make for great TV to have them deal with the ups and as mom-to-bes at the same time — solidifying their sisterhood. Speaking of reproducing life – Jessa shared an image of Kentucky’s Noah’s Ark Encounter on Instagram last week. If you’re not familiar, the $100 million land-boat was made by Answers in Genesis, a Christian ministry that claims the story of Noah’s ark actually happened.

jessa duggar seawald ark noah ken hamThe man responsible for building the ark is Ken Ham who believes humans and all life on earth was created 6,000 years ago and that Noah trapped dinosaurs on the ship, along with every other living creature, to save them from a massive worldwide flood.

“Wow, this money could’ve easily been used to help others,” a social media user commented on Jessa’s photo.

“How Christian of you, talking good building supplies, money, and time and then create a stupid boat when there is thousands of homeless people in our country,” said another critic.

While Jessa has been ignoring the comments, Jill has been ignoring accusations that she mishandled donations to her Central American mission. Jill and her husband Derrick accepted donations from fans but when TLC televised the trip (and presumably foot the bill) some viewers felt cheated. Adding to that, the couple said they intended to stay on the continent for a long time but are returning for an extended visit to film the newest season that will air this summer.

We doubt they’ll directly address any of this in the new season – the Duggars’ typical move is to ignore problems. Right, Josh?

Image credit: TLC, Instagram