Famous men who are proud to identify as feminists: part one

featFeminism is for everyone – and yes that includes men. It even includes dogs like Clark!

Yet many men think that their genitalia somehow inhibit them from embracing the label.

“I don’t think it’s possible for me to be [a feminist]…I’m a man. It makes sense up until a certain point. But what I do is — I do support feminists,” Pharrell said in an interview in 2014.

By rejecting the label, people like Pharrell are further adding to the sense of division between the sexes. That somehow, feminism is only for women and that men are not responsible for advocating for women’s rights to the same degree that women are. In reality, men who are willing to take on the label that so many are afraid of can help boost the movement in ways women sometimes can’t. Men can leverage their privilege to bring feminism into spaces that are often male-dominated. Many bloggers pointed out that Pharrell was indeed able to advocate for women’s rights and call himself a feminist and in a subsequent interview he said: “If I’m allowed to be. If feminism is a synonym for equality, then, yeah, sure.”

Other male celebrities, from politicians to actors, have been more quick to take on the label and advocate for women’s rights.

Image credit: Instagram