Sometimes, I take my human out on walks. It gets her out of the house and it’s good for socializing — I’ll lead her with my leash (you’re welcome).

With a few errands to run on Thursday Oct. 8, we stopped by the local pet store to check out some new products. This is when I found it — gold! — in the form of a dehydrated chicken foot. It’s been a while since I last enjoyed dim sum so I was elated when this discovery happened.

While walking back, we bumped into Jordan Gavaris from the Canadian sci-fi series Orphan Black. The humans around me rave about this Toronto based show — and from my understanding he plays the foster brother of one of the main clones. Felix, the brother-sestra.


Of course, he was excited to meet me so I let it happen. He was kind and chill so I enjoyed a few ear scratches. Without eyeliner, in his street clothes and minus the accent it was hard to place him — but he was, without a doubt, the hilarious, emotionally supportive human character from the show. It took all I had not to request my own clone phone that he seems to always supply on the series.

clark and jordanThe human was more interested in conversation with the actor — they talked of season four’s production, feminism (and how they agreed Sex and the City was not a feminist show) and bouncing back from LA to Toronto. He mentioned the direction of the show returning to season one — vague, cryptic, secretive television speak. The humans seemed interested.

All I could think about was that chicken foot waiting to be consumed by me.

Gavaris was an absolute delight — and I’m glad I made time to stop and let him enjoy my beagle presence (people really love my ears).

That concludes this edition of tails from my dog walks. I was promised a fresh plush toy for this piece — where is it? 

Image credit: Chloe Tse, tumblr/diver5on