Audiences of The Daily Show are mourning the loss of longtime fan favourite correspondent Jessica Williams when she left the late night comedy to take on a new project last week. Thursday marked the last episode her sass would bring magic to.

The youngest correspondent to ever be apart of The Daily Show, Williams has moved on from the funny political fake-news show to team up with Broad City writer Naomi Ekperigin on a scripted pilot for Comedy Central.

The new show is in earlier stages — with William’s involved with the project as a writer, producer and star for the half-hour blooming series that will explore feminism, race and LGBT topics. Though it has yet to earn an official name, the scripted series is about a ‘woke’ twenty something that gets social issues but is working on getting her life together.

Wait, a strong female lead of colour — onscreen and off? A show addressing feminism, race and LGBTQ issues? Yeah, we’re in.

Never forget that Williams, at just 22, was the first black woman to take on and hold onto the position as correspondent for The Daily Show. The late night talent was also a top pick when it came to replacing Jon Stewart last year when they were sniffing out potentials for the host position.

Though Williams is departing from the late night show, she’s still sticking with the home network for her sweet new project. Other Comedy Central alums such as Samantha Bee and John Oliver have moved their funny over to TBS and HBO.

Newly promoted Comedy Central president Kent Alterman recognized Williams’ awesome brand of clever humour when he talked to Entertainment Weekly

“We see her as a great voice — she’s so dynamic and so funny,” Alterman said to the publication. “And she’s kind of grown up there at The Daily Show. Rather than say goodbye to her for her to go somewhere else, we want to make sure that we’re developing with her so that she’s ready for her next platform, it can actually be with us.”

We’re sad to see her leave The Daily Show — but can’t wait for this sweet new series.

Remember that time she gave advice to anyone who felt the need to ask ‘what are you?’ #queen

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