Friday follow: @feminism_poc is correcting the many wrongs on the Internet

gulabi gang feminist instagram accountsInstagram’s @feminism_poc is now dedicated to fighting sexism and racism on IG, but originally started as something more commonplace.

“Well originally I started the account about two years ago, as a One Direction fan account, and it gained quite a lot of popularity,” the 15-year-old behind the account told about her page that has had several reincarnations. “Then I soon got bored of that too and got more into political issues and movements, and wanting to make any change I could by talking about my point of view, as a Muslim and a female feminist.”

The creator, who lives in Boston and prefers to remain anonymous, has amassed over 31,000 followers with her posts on LGBTQ rights, double standards, and diversity.

“What inspired me to start this account is really the comments I got from people, debating with others on these topics, and other huge ideas passed around in the media that I thought I had a duty to correct. Also, as a part of Amnesty International I was exposed to many international issues regarding feminism, or rather the lack of it. I felt that if I had an account with a lot of popularity already, I could use it to speak out about these issues and educate those who don’t understand or assume.”

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