Friday follow: @feminismfierce provides an inclusive, positive space for its dedicated followers

@feminismfierceInstagram’s @feminismfierce is all about kind, inclusive, open-minded, and fair views. Started in January 2015, the account is run by Chloe Elysabeth who was inspired by other feminist accounts on IG.

“Around the time that I started the account, I had been coming across a broader range of Instagram themes and ideas of the world and stumbled upon a few feminism accounts. I realized that a lot of the views they had I also shared, and decided to make an account of my own,” says Chloe Elysabeth who lives on the east coast of the U.S. “Everything was really new and exciting and my main goal was to create a positive place and find more people who thought the same way I did.”

Chloe Elysabeth says @feminismfierce has been a great learning experience.

“Every time someone commented something criticizing about my account (for instance ‘why don’t you ever talk about ____’ or ‘I never see ____ on your page’) I would look into whatever it was. If I felt like it was something that would actually benefit my account and felt comfortable with what I had gathered, I would share it with my followers.”

The account’s dedicated followers inspire Chloe Elysabeth to keep going.

“Some people say they check my page every day and they’re sad when I don’t post. They say I’ve educated them on things and given them a new perspective, which is really nice to hear. Some followers view me as a confidant and come to me for advice on how to handle situations or just someone to listen to them talk about things that are going on in their life.”

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