Friday follow: @feministfully encourages more inclusive feminism

feministfully instagram intersectional feminismInstagram’s @feministfully is only a few months old but has already collected over 5,600 followers. The account was created to spread feminism on social media and is now run by seven international contributors who live in Oklahoma, New York, Florida, North Carolina, California, Ireland, Scotland, and Canada.

“Our inspiration for this account was really to just spread feminism and our beliefs on it. We’re here to grow and learn, listen to groups that need to be heard, and just be be better feminist[s] all around. We’re also here to answer questions and clarify whatever questions we get asked,” administrators Suit and Ellie told

All the contributors are in their teens including Suit who is going to college in the fall.

“I heard about feminism when I was 13 or 14 but didn’t fully grasp the concept because of how poorly it was explained to me. I probably became an intersectional feminist when I was 15 to 16,” says Suit.

Ellie, who is just 13, contributes from her home in Ireland.

“I joined the group to make a difference and I definitely think that in our own little ways we’ve helped other people and each other. One of the main things I campaign for is equal marriage in Northern Ireland.”

Other contributors include Taylor, Kate, Lucie, Mica, Em, Ivy and Rebecca.

“Our fans usually really like and agree with that we post. If they’re confused, they’ll ask questions so we can explain it more in depth to them,” says Suit. “From my experience, our followers seem to have the most trouble grasping ableist language just because most ableist language is so engrained in today’s everyday word usage. Sometimes they don’t understand when we post something to empower a certain group, but they’re open to listening to us. Overall, our followers are really understanding and good people.”

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