Friday follow: IG’s @blackfeminism will inspire you daily

feminist instagram accountsScroll through Instagram’s @blackfeminism and you’ll see posts on issues like racism, classism, sexism, and politics.

“I was really excited when Amir posted that she was looking for a co-owner, because I love speaking on these issues and actually being heard,” Kiara told “Being a Texan and having a small circle of Christian friends makes it difficult to express my concerns in real life, because they are not welcomed.”

Kiara joined in November of last year and since then Amir and Kiara have also started @pocvegetarians.

“Personally, the issues I speak most about are racism, classism, abuse and rape culture. I’ve also been learning about ableism and how to combat it. I’d definitely say this community has helped me grow,” Kiara says. “And that’s what I love seeing about our followers. I love when they ask questions, I love when they listen and show a desire to grow.”

Check out some of their posts.