Friday follow: @indigenous.empowerment is here to educate and empower

indigenous.empowerment instagramInstagram’s @indigenous.empowerment is only one year old, but the page dedicated to empowering Native Americans already has almost 20,000 followers.

“I first created @indigenous.empowerment for the purpose of empowering Native American women. We have little to no representation, especially tribes outside of the U.S. Eventually I noticed how many non-native followers I was getting, and how uneducated so many were towards Indigenous struggles and people, so I changed the theme to Native American activism,” says creator Yei Mazatl (her name means three-deer in her tribal language). “I try to inform my followers of different issues that plague us as a people, our problems aren’t a thing of the past like people believe.”

The 18-year-old lives in Nebraska but her page has reached indigenous people all over the world.

“Well other than racist trolls I get, I mainly get support and solidarity! So much native unity and it makes my heart happy. I’ve also gotten support from Aboriginal Australians and Pacific Islanders. They are our Native cousins.”

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