Friday follow: @justlgbtstuff is here for queer teens

Friday follow justlgbtstuff is here for queer teensIn just one year Instagram’s @justlgbtstuff has amassed over 80,00 followers with their frequent posts that cater to queer teens.

“The thing that inspired me to start @justlgbtstuff was the fact that I did not feel safe as a young LGBT person in a huge hetero-cis world. I needed a place to be myself, and it turns out that a lot of other kids needed a place to be gay,” Rome Rose, the account’s founder, told

The contributors, nine in total, are from California, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Georgia, and the U.K.

“This wonderful group of people have come together simply by following the account,” says Rome. “One of the first people who was there to help me was Eli. Eli is highly involved with her college’s alliance. Since the day I met Eli, she has truly blossomed and become an amazing advocate for LGBT rights.”

Rome has high praise for all the contributors. Zelda, Sam, Jace, Kyle, Jude, Ashley, and Kian all regularly post in the safe space.

“We have had friends who follow us tell us that we feel like home, we feel like their friends (because we are), and that we have most importantly, helped them in some way,” says Rome. “We are overjoyed to have them in our lives.”

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