Friday follow: Lula Hyers’ photos inspire activism

Lula Hyers instagram photography feminism activismTeen photographer Lula Hyers blew up in 2015. The activist’s photo was chosen for the cover of New York Magazine’s ‘Sex on Campus’ issue and featured her work.

Her Instagram account, @lulahyers66, is a combination of her work and posts with political messages. Of course it’s not without controversy. A couple years ago a photo of her friends that shows the man spitting into the woman’s mouth caused Instagram to delete her account.

“I’m not really sure what’s inappropriate about that, when there are other images that suggest rape and violence all over Instagram,” Hyers told

Despite the deterrents, Hyers is continuing to educate her followers.

“There’s a generation of kids using these apps to talk about what they want to change. People are harnessing that, and really taking a stand for each other. I’m so grateful to have grown up in a time when I have the option to reach so many people,” she told

Have a look at some of her best posts.