Friday follow: @notyourasianfetish calls out racism, cultural appropriation & fetishism towards Asians

Friday follow notyourasianfetish calls out racism, cultural appropriation fetishism towards AsiansInstagram’s @notyourasianfetish was created by Theo Phan to call out racism, cultural appropriation and fetishism towards Asians. Phan, who lives in Kansas City, now shares the account with Nadia, a woman living in Birmingham, England.

“Nadia is south Asian, and it’s great that we have someone addressing the issues south Asians face because I feel like when most people hear ‘Asian’ they only think of east Asia,” Phan told

The account was originally started in August 2015.

“I started in the summer when one of my friends (an old admin), said he wanted to make an account with the idea to fight racism against Asians. He told me he wanted help, so I volunteered. I remember seeing a ‘not your Asian fetish’ on a sign somewhere, I thought that would a good username. Growing up, I always saw racism towards Asians and them being fetishized. I felt like this was the best outlet for my opinions.”

Asian fetishism is so mainstream, artists like David Bowie (‘China Girl’), The Vapors (‘Turning Japanese’), and Murray Head (‘One Night in Bangkok’) get away with blatant racism. Theo and Nadia are able to fight this kind of prejudice globally through their over 6000 followers.

“We have gotten a lot of reactions, some good, some not so much. People feel empowered and feel like they matter. I love everyone I have met through this account,” says Theo.

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