Friday follow: @politicallyangry is a source of activism on IG

@politicallyangry instagram igInstagram’s @politicallyangry is an account dedicated to #BlackLivesMatter, intersectional feminism, and activism. The page is run by Bynne who has amassed over 14,000 followers since the account was founded in November 2015.

“I was an admin on a feminist account at the time, and I made a personal account to branch out more. The account was eventually hacked so this account became my main form of activism,” Bynne, who is based in South East Asia, told

With over 1600 posts, Bynne gets a lot of comments.

“There are a lot of ‘feminism is cancer’ comments but there are also super nice reactions like ‘this account makes me happy and taught me about feminism,” says Bynne. “Most of my followers are super supportive.”

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