Friday follow: @thedailywomanist crusades for women of colour and other marginalized groups

Friday follow thedailywomanist crusades for women of color and other marginalized groupsSydney Nash is the brains behind Instagram’s @thedailywomanist, an account dedicated to bringing attention to women of colour and other marginalized groups.

“The original purpose of my account was to basically function as a collection of my ideas and serve as a discussion platform,” Nash told “I started it a few days after I first learned about third wave feminism because some of the issues that feminism tackles, such as rape culture, slut shaming, and stereotypes, go unnoticed by most people, and social media is one of the most effective ways to spread awareness.”

Nash runs the two-year-old account from Colorado.

“The reactions I’ve gotten are very endearing. I’ve been told that my account talks about issues that would otherwise be pushed under the carpet, it addresses men’s issues as well, and that it is generally a positive account. People have also said that they have learned a lot from my account, which is great.”

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