Friday follow: you’ll be tagging your friends in @feministcaitlin’s funny IG posts

feministcaitlin-instagram-Instagram’s @feministcaitlin is a lot of things – an intersectional, body positive feminist who’s also pro choice and a Bernie supporter. Her hilarious and educational posts have amassed over 50,000 followers in just over one year.

“I started @feministcaitlin March 24, 2015, originally under the name @intersectional.feminist,” Caitlin Camm told

“I used to always scroll through feminist Instagram accounts looking at these posts that were so educational and relatable, but after a while I started to run out of accounts to look through. So I figured, why not make my own?”

She has since posted over 7000 times on topics that range from cultural appropriation to #blacklivesmatter.

“Everyone is just so wonderful. It’s so rewarding to know you’re having a genuine impact on people’s lives,” the Tampa Bay teen says.

Check out some of her best posts!