Because there isn’t enough TV programming about white people and their problems, FX has given us yet another series about a white dude, but this time it’s set in 1814. Tom Hardy stars in Taboo, a drama about adventurer James Keziah Delaney who builds a shipping empire and aids in the colonization of non-European regions.

The mini-series’ concept was created by Hardy and his father, Chips, who is a consulting producer. Hardy’s character, Delaney, is believed to have died in Africa when he returns to London to inherit his father’s shipping company. Love, betrayal, and a dark family secret unfold in the eight-episode show.

The trailer shows one POC for a split second, so it’s hard to say who his character is. Other than that, it’s lily-white. This is also the show that Oscar-nominated Hardy gets naked for. He made headlines recently for stripping and entering frigid water to film a scene.

There is glimmer of hope though – in the trailer his character mentions certain atrocities carried out by the East India Company.

“Conquest, rape, and plunder,” Delaney says. “And I do know the evil that you do, because I was once a part of it.”

Does that mean he’s fighting to stop it? We’ll see when the show, produced by Ridley Scott and Steven Knight, airs in 2017.