Spoiler alert – there was some lady loving on Game of Thrones last night. Yara Greyjoy, Theon’s sister who is becoming a fierce leader in the seven kingdoms, had a steamy kiss with an anonymous woman while doling out advice to her broken brother.

After escaping the Iron Islands when their uncle became the ruler, the ironborns find themselves in a foreign land. As they drink and discuss their future, Yara mocks Theon for not being able to bed a woman the way she can (‘cause you know – the whole amputation thing).

“If you’re really so far gone, then slit your own wrists,” Yara tells Theon, adding that if he’s going to stick around she needs him to step up and help as she sails to find Daenerys.

game of thrones lesbian scene game of thrones lesbian scene 2

She then walks away with a total babe while Theon is left with his ale. It’s another gay scene that isn’t overdone, just a part of normal GoT life. The show has been praised for it’s LGBT representation, from Loras and Renly to Oberyn’s bisexuality, but so far it’s been mostly men.

This season, however, has been all about the women who rule the seven kingdoms. Up north there’s Sansa who’s raising an army along with Jon Snow to take back Winterfell from the truly evil Ramsay Bolton. We were also introduced to a very young Lady Mormont who is a fierce leader at just 10 years old. On the other side of the kingdom Sansa’s sister Arya tries to escape Braavos but gets stabbed multiple times in the stomach, but it looks like she’ll survive.

The Stark sisters aren’t the only women in power. Queen Margaery is singlehandedly uniting the faith with the throne, but not out of the goodness of her heart. The Tyrell is clearly playing the long game with the High Sparrow and we can’t wait to see it play out.

It looks the women will conquer their own portions of the kingdom, but what will happen when they face each other? Peace or war?

Image credit: Tumblr/simonwolfgard