Actress, producer and activist Geena Davis and CreativeChaos vmg are joining forces in a partnership to produce a documentary on Hollywood’s gender inequality.

The founder of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, a non-profit research organization that devotes its efforts to sniff out gender representation in media and advocates for equal representation of women, is bringing attention back to the gender disparity in Hollywood.

“I’ve been encouraged by my peers speaking out on gender disparity in recent years, but we still are not seeing the actual number change,” Davis said to Variety. The actress and activist also pointed out that female roles situation has failed to improve since 1946 — making gender equality in films still very much a thing.

With information gathered by the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, the aim of the doc will offer a systematic critical look at Hollywood’s bias when it comes to gender and offer possible entry points for change. With Tom Donahue, known for directing the HBO feature documentary ‘Casting By,’ put in the director’s seat — this doc seems promising.

A league of their own geena davisDavis has been making an effort to champion strong female leads in films for decades. Back in the 90s, the actress starred in both A League of Their Own and Thelma and Louise — which she had hoped to encourage better practices when it came to gender equality in movie production. Alas, Hollywood continued to perpetuate the trend of male domination with an unconscious bias.

While some folks may take a shallow look at the industry and suggest films with strong female leads are gaining in popularity and earning a place in mainstream popular culture, a deeper look would prove otherwise.

It’s true franchises such as The Hunger Games and even Star Wars have helped show that films with strong female leads could succeed, the industry itself remains stagnant.

“I’ve been working directly with content creators behind-the-scenes for nearly 10 years,” David told Variety. “This documentary will allow us to share what has worked and highlight our successes and impact on the industry.”

Though the doc will inevitably frustrate feminists, it should be eye opening to all audiences and help raise awareness surrounding gender inequality in Hollywood.

We’ll have popcorn ready when it’s released.

Image credit: Tumblr/cosmokramers/nickmillerturtleface