Universal just cut down the wait time and is bringing back the Barden Bellas in female-led Pitch Perfect 3 for July 2017.

Originally set for August of next year, the studio has made the aca-awesome decision to move the release date up — which means Pitch Perfect fans will be heading to the theatres to enjoy the musical magic sooner than expected.

With Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow and Rebel Wilson set to return, the third instalment of the comedy already sounds promising. Kay Cannon will be in the writer’s chair punching out the script and Elizabeth Banks is back to direct the picture.

Bechloe pitch perfect 3

Fans are still holding out hope that BeChloe will be a canon thing for the third film — as both Kendrick and Snow have sealed the deal to be in it. Never forget, these two Barden Bellas have such excellent onscreen chemistry that go far beyond gal pals that they scored the Teen Movie Chemistry Award for Pitch Perfect 2 last year. Even Kendrick seems down for BeChloe to be real in the upcoming flick:

The pair do a solid job of making music with their mouths and audiences appreciate that. The films thus far have done all right with representation and diversity — featuring people of colour and LGBTQ+ representatives. Of course, the gay has been used a comedic tool and making BeChloe canon would be a sweet (and desirable) plot twist that would send out a pretty solid message for even better LGBT representation. We’ll see.

Sadly, there have been no plot details to report as of late.

The decision to move up the movie probably has a lot to do with the fact that Pitch Perfect 2 grossed $286 million worldwide to date on a $29 million budget — more than double what the original film grossed. These talented synchronized lady dancers with voices of angels have become sweet cash cows for Universal — bumping up the release date is a wise call.

Here’s hoping for more aca-amazing covers, all the funny and maybe some lady loving to come July 2017!

Image credit: Tumblr/i-am-bechloe-trash