The Olympics have already brought out lots of sexism, like the time NBC marketing exec John Miller said women watch the games because it’s like a reality show, but today it was the Chicago Tribune‘s turn.

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The newspaper tweeted a photo of Corey Cogdell-Unrein wearing her Olympic bronze medal, but you wouldn’t know her name from the post.

“Wife of a Bears’ lineman wins a bronze medal today in Rio Olympics,” the Tribune tweeted about the trap shooting champion.

“If winning her own Olympic medal doesn’t get a woman her own headline, what will?!” tweeted one user.

It reminds us of Dan Hicks’ comments on NBC about Katinka Hosszu’s new world record set in Rio.

“There’s the guy responsible for turning Katinka Hosszu, his wife, into a whole different swimmer,” he said when the camera was on Hosszu’s husband and coach Shane Tusup. Critics have said this is particularly high praise for a coach especially when compared to commentary surrounding male swimmers like the ‘epic’ Michael Phelps.

But women are dominating the 2016 Olympics and Canadian women have already won medals in rugby and swimming.