This Sunday episode eight of the sixth season of Game of Thrones will air on HBO and fans can’t wait to see where co-creators David Benioff and D. B. Weiss will take the story. Last week’s episode saw Arya escaping the House of Black and White and securing  passage back to Westeros (although the whole getting stabbed in the
game of thrones lesbian scenestomach thing might hinder those plans). In the north Jon, Sansa, and Sir Davos are plotting to take back Winterfell, and in Volantis Yara Greyjoy enjoyed the company of a prostitute after she and brother Theon escaped the Iron Islands with all the ships. So what happens now?

Yara and Theon are planning to make their way to Daenerys – she needs ships to complete her world domination and the Greyjoys can provide that – but here is where our imagination gets the best of us.

How amazing would it be if Yara and Daenerys became the seven kingdoms’ reigning power couple? We know from tumblr_mztgjtPfQ31ra4dyqo1_500last week’s episode that Yara is queer and it’s not unfathomable that Danny might be into women. In episode two of season one the Targaryen queen had a sort-of sapphic experience with her handmaiden that gives us just a tinge of hope that a Yara-Danny romantic alliance is realistic.

Both women are moral and fair and together they have the resources and brains to take over the seven kingdoms. They’re badass leaders who don’t let their gender stop them from accomplishing anything, and together they’re a feminist’s dream power couple.

Here’s hoping Game of Thrones goes (even more) gay this weekend!

Image credit: Tumblr/simonwolfgard, Tumblr/be-your–own-hero