Last year, a great debate was born on this day. It was Feb. 26, 2015 when #TheDress took the Internet by storm — everyone and their aunt was trying to figure out the colours of the clothing item featured in this image.

The online madness started on Tumblr (where all the magic usually happens on the inter webs, let’s be honest) — and soon made its way to every social media platform imaginable. Almost everyone had an opinion.



Folks picked their teams: black and blue or white and gold.

A year later, some of us still see white and gold (I’ve tried every angle of the screen on both a desktop and mobile device and have never seen black and blue). Scientists have tried to explain why and everyone insists that their eyes aren’t lying.

Eventually, Roman Originals, the company responsible for #TheDress, created a white and gold model after all the online buzz. It turns out, the dress was actually black and blue.

This image stirred up more discussion than a lot of actually important topics. It’s still pretty mind-blowing how much everyone cares.

SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO #THEDRESS! May you enjoy another year of confusing people.

…and a year later? It’s still white and gold.