Remember Hercules: The Legendary Journeys? The 90s show was popular at the time, but you may have forgotten about the star Kevin Sorbo who has since gone on to star in gems like the TV movie Never Cry Werewolf  (rated 43 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes) and Abelar: Tales of an Ancient Empire (rated a whopping 4 per cent). Well a TMZ photog found him in an airport and asked him about the piece of human garbage running for president.

“If Jesus was around today who do you think he’d vote for?” Charlie Cotton asked.

“Well I would have to say Trump. He’s the lesser of two evils,” Sorbo said, to which Cotton pointed out that Jesus wouldn’t be able to enter the U.S. under Donald Trump’s immigration policy.

“I don’t think that’s true. Why wouldn’t he?” said Sorbo before comparing his white privilege to the experience of Muslims around the world.

“Look I’m Norwegian, that’s my heritage. If there’s Norwegian’s going around strapping bombs to themselves and blowing people up, you can check me out. I don’t care if you racially profile against me. I have nothing to hide. If they have nothing to hide, why do they get upset about stuff. They take one day out of your life to check you out. What’s wrong with that? Fingerprint me, check out my background, what’s the big deal?”

Is there some sort of racial profiling quota, Herc? You get profiled once and it’s all over? Cotton, a reasonable human being, pointed out people of other faiths like Christianity also commit violent acts.

Kevin Sorbo racist homophobic“Christians are? Really?” said an astonished Sorbo. “You make a list of all the things that ‘supposedly Christians’ [he literally used air quotes]… I didn’t realize that those people had shot schools and cinemas were Christian. Did they say they’re Christians, I never saw that? I never saw one article.”

So when someone who claims to be “culturally Christian,” like Sorbo’s fellow-Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik who killed 77 people in 2011, commits a crime Herc is quick to use air-quotes and say they’re supposedly Christian. But if a Muslim person commits a violent act, there’s no questioning their faith. Ah, double standards.

And don’t forget, he’s a sexist homophobic prick too. He’s referred to the Xena reboot as “the lesbian spin-off” and thinks Lucy Lawless is gay.

“I don’t know. She’d never admit one way or another, trust me. She didn’t wanna lose that crowd. She did end up marrying the executive producer, which I think is how she got the role. They had another actress slated for the part.”

Sounds like someone is a little jealous Xena is getting a reboot.