After a three-month romance Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have broken up. According to Us Weekly the relationship became strained when Hiddleston travelled to Australia to film Thor.

“She was the one to put the brakes on the relationship,” a source reportedly told the magazine.

“Tom wanted the relationship to be more public than she was comfortable with. Taylor knew the backlash that comes with public displays of affection but Tom didn’t listen to her concerns when she brought them up.”

“They get along great and will remain friends, but they just don’t see it working romantically right now,” the source added.

All this comes after Page Six and other publications reported that Hiddleston was dating Swift for the publicity.

“Tom wants their relationship to be public, even asking Taylor to go to the Emmys with him, but Taylor wants to keep her private life private. Tom’s need for their relationship to be so public so quickly makes her uncomfortable,” a source told Page Six.

Hey, at least this is a distraction from all the bad press T-Swift’s been getting over the Kardashian feud!


Image credit: Tumblr/gurl