In a sneak peek of tonight’s episode Jessa and the clan head to Guatemala to see Jill and Derick who are in Central America on a religious mission. Considering the number of Zika cases in the country and the Duggars’ ability to reproduce like rabbits, let’s hope none of the girls get pregnant during their stay.

duggars guatemalaIn the sneak peek we see Jessa, Ben and baby Spurgeon meet Derick at the airport. Jill and Derick haven’t met in Spurgeon in person, so it’s an exciting reunion for the family. After a brief hello at the airport, the family (about 12 in total) pile into a truck and head to see Jill and baby Israel.

“The drive to meet up with Jill and Izzy seemed like it was really long because there was so much anticipation not having seen them for so long,” Jessa, who got a proper seat in the truck, tells the camera.

Derick, who looks more dishevelled than usual, was excited to meet his nephew.

duggars derick guatemala“I got to pick him up,” Derick says. “He’s a solid guy, and he’s just really a chill baby, and he seems like a happy baby. Just a special time to get to hold him.”

Thankfully for the rest of the passengers on the flight, Spurgeon was a good baby.

“He did pretty good — he slept on both flights the majority of the time,” Jessa says about the trek down to Guatemala. “He was awake for just a little bit.”

Jill and Derick have been helping two local boys, Ignacio and Jose Pablo, learn English while they’re down there. Tune in tonight to see what happens during the rest of the trip, but spoiler alert: still no sign of Josh.

Image credit: TLC