Kanye’s Twitter: the despicable & the painfully cheesy

Kanye’s Twitter the despicable the painfully cheesy tumblrKanye’s been busy these days promoting his new misogynistic album and over-priced clothing line, but somehow he still finds time to send out tweets.

Unlike other stars, Kanye seems to manage his own social media. It works for his Kardashian counterparts who have each perfected the ‘fun friend’ persona they put on social media, but when Kanye does it it’s less ‘friend’ and more ‘stupid uncle who yells offensive things.’

One minute he’s tweeting about his $50 million debt and how he needs financial help from Mark Zuckerberg, and the next minute he’s fawning over his wife like that annoying newlywed on your Facebook feed.

So if you have made the shrewd decision to not follow Ye on Twitter, here are his most despicable thoughts and cheesiest dad tweets.

Image credit: Tumblr/living-loving-hiphop