Does this mean it’s official and we can full-heartedly start re-shipping Alisten? After being spotted smooching her ex-girlfriend Alicia Cargile, a Los Angeles Times interview was published in which Kristen Stewart shares her new relaxed view on relationships.

“I wouldn’t talk about who I [have sex with] and how I [have sex with them] unless I was friends with you. That’s weird. But then, at the same time, I’ve discovered a way to live my life and not feel like I’m hiding at all. And I think that’s pretty apparent for anyone who cares — not that everyone does. But I think that if you had been tracking it in any way, it’s more apparent that I’m more relaxed than I used to be.”

alistenShe certainly doesn’t try to hide in front of the paparazzi.

“Somehow, as I got older, I reoriented my mind. I’ve gotten better at assessing people’s motivations. It’s not something I have to overtly think about – what I share and what I don’t share. It’s a natural thing. Whereas, when I was younger, I was like, ‘You’re gonna screw me over.’ Now I’m like, ‘Whatever. You can’t.'”

Alisten appears to be going strong now. After SoKo implied the actress cheated on her in May, KStew was back hanging out Cargile. She even brought her to Cannes later that month and held hands on the red carpet.

Earlier this month they were also seen hanging out at Stewart’s dad’s house, and since then Cargile has dyed her hair blue.


Image credit: Instagram