Kristen Stewart and her new girlfriend SoKo are really into each other, or so says a source, and we really really want it to be true.

“The relationship is super-intense and fiery – SoKo is definitely the pursuer and Kristen is really enjoying it,” the mysterious source told Heat Magazine. “She likes the idea of dating a non-American again, and Stéphanie is very avant-garde and different.”
soko kristen stewart hold hangs

Stéphanie being SoKo, whose full name is Stéphanie Sokolinski. She’s a French musician from Bordeaux who has enjoyed some success on the European charts. Stewart, of course, lives in L.A.

“It’s never going to be easy to have a relationship living in two different continents,” the source continued. “The long-distance commute is fun right now, but it could become a real slog if they become fully committed.”

But it’s totally doable! And long distance relationships make your bond stronger, so Kristen and SoKo please give it a go. We’re totally shipping you right now.

Stewart has made the LD-thing work before. When she dated Robert Pattinson they often had conflicting schedules.

“It is hard but…if you really like them it, in a strange way, makes it better because the more time you spend away the more you’re thinking of them, the more you want to see them again so I guess being away…not spending too much time with someone is always a good thing to do,” she told reporters at the time. kristen stewart sokoImage credit: Tumblr/kristenstewartfashionstyle, Tumblr/kstewstreetstyle